Courses & Program Overview

Common Good Atlanta provides people who are incarcerated or formerly incarcerated with access to higher education by connecting Georgia’s colleges and professors with Georgia’s prison classrooms.

We believe that broad, democratic access to higher education for people affected by incarceration strengthens the common good of our communities.


CGA offers a range of college-level courses for our students and alumni. Students have the opportunity to shape their own path in terms of determining the types of classes they take and whether or not they want to gain college accreditation through their coursework. Our classes focus on the disciplines literature, writing, history, art, science, math and philosophy.

All Courses

For those with a passion in one or two particular focus areas, and limited interest in pursuing a specific program, students can also opt to take any of our available classes without the formality of earning college accreditation. In these instances, students are able to select classes in the topics that are of most interest to them. See a sampling of these classes and learn more here.

Clemente Program

For those seeking college accreditation, to continue their education post-incarceration, CGA offers the Clemente Course Curriculum which requires completion of a set of classes within each of the core disciplines we focus our course work in. Taking this path ensures students gain a well-rounded education in critical thinking and humanities setting them up for success as they continue to navigate their lives. Learn more here.

The Clemente Course in Humanities

Continuing Education

student receiving computer

Students that wish to continue their educational journey post-incarceration have the opportunity to take 6-8 week-long courses that are hosted at our downtown Atlanta location. Learn more about these programs here.